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And I've cast you out
I'm so done with you.
I'm left without a doubt,
there's nothing left to do,
I've got no more time to waste on you
:iconsymphonicd:SymphonicD 1 6
I'm falling again.
I'm falling again, and this time, there's no one to catch me.
And I'm afraid that there won't be a return from this spiral.
And I'm afraid.
Why do I feel so empty?
Why do I feel so empty when I have so much in my life.
Because I'm missing the other half of my body and soul.
Because I'm missing.
:iconsymphonicd:SymphonicD 1 0
I'm tired of people telling me
"wait, and the perfect one will come to you."
The only problem is,
what if someone told her to wait too?
:iconsymphonicd:SymphonicD 2 3
Masochism is Me
If pain=inspiration
and the rush of inspiration makes me giddy with joy
and inspiration is what I need to act...
and acting is what I enjoy most......
Then I guess I am indeed a masochist, eh?
:iconsymphonicd:SymphonicD 1 5
Reflections on Pain
Pain is understanding what's written between the lines
and the inspiration to take those subscripts and distill
humor and tragedy so that the artist's words can reach out
and make even just a few solitary minds introspective,
and during their reflection they may find the source of love, hate
and the disregard which can cause both....
And those who contemplate further will acquire
a further understanding that pain is sharp, dull, quick,slow,sweet,bitter...
In short,
Pain is Life.
And Masochism is me.
:iconsymphonicd:SymphonicD 2 7
The High
The High
Filet a fish
to taste the rainbow
go go gadget arm
and grasp the poetry of
He who writes it thinks it
feels it, breathes it, eats it
But, the shit they deal
with shapes our meaning
free your mind. take the jump
hit the ground running, face first
pass into darkness and
dream a blank sleep
:iconsymphonicd:SymphonicD 0 0
Same word uttered from one mouth
Uttered by the other means instant
Violence where once joy stood guard.
:iconsymphonicd:SymphonicD 0 0
Verdant Memoirs
Verdant Memoirs
Green carpet under my feet
Seafoam walls surround me
Olive shelf home to my imagination
Verdant fronds on the palm trees
Emerald waves lap at my toes
Limes calling from the market’s stall
:iconsymphonicd:SymphonicD 0 0
Imagine what a
In control of
Might have to
In regard to
Of those who
It but never
:iconsymphonicd:SymphonicD 1 0
Steps into the room and catches a whiff
Of smoke ingrained in the wood
Memory sweeps her up and a warm lap
Waits over by the roaring fireplace
A favorite story to be told
Smoke puffs from the dragon’s mouth
As grandpa weaves tales of castles
And knights and deeds most courageous
Creak in the floor she turns from innocence
And leaves nothing but wreckage behind.
:iconsymphonicd:SymphonicD 2 0
Hospital Sense
Hospital Sense
Click, clack, click, clack, whoosh
Tile, crack, tile, crack, exit sign
Cold and hard underneath, soft cover
Fear, like copper, cotton
Sterile, latex gloves, soap
Scalpel, forceps, pipe in, NOW!
Blue masks, bright lights
plastic round my lips
Bitter, sickening,
Beep, beep
Blue curtains
Soft and warm surround
Water cool and refreshing
Mother’s perfume, protecting me
:iconsymphonicd:SymphonicD 0 6
Reaching to twist off the light,
knocked over brown and fizzy,
lakes form around the hulks of
candles, pennies, cards, and pens
I fall down into it all
A miniscule voyager
Exploring this new
World in my pen cap boat
And then puffy white clouds
Descend upon the waterscape
And this brave new world is
Wiped out by 4-ply.
:iconsymphonicd:SymphonicD 0 0
At a Funeral
Decency dictates we
believe in heaven
when our deceased
lay before us
in a newly
opened wound in
the earth that
bore us forth
from a flash
of light and
power to the
entropy and darkness
that grandfather death
lays upon our
life wearied eyes.
:iconsymphonicd:SymphonicD 0 7
Musings on Coleridge
“the best words in the best order”
          -Samuel Taylor Coleridge
What are the best words though? Are they
The words used on the SATs to test your vocabulary? Are they the
One million
One hundred
Or ten dollar words?
Maybe instead they are the words that take an hour to spell and a mile to write.
Or, perhaps, they are the words with the most synonyms and by proxy a variety of…
Maybe the best words are the ones that make you think, ponder, consider, or brood.
Maybe they’re the ones that make you shout
out in inspiration in a crowded quiet place, or the ones that wake you in the middle
of the night in a cold sweat.
In the end, the best words are what they make themselves as they grow through
Use and collect the sediment of society.
:iconsymphonicd:SymphonicD 0 3
Birth of a new world
Hatching an inkwell
A world is born
On a swell of black
The door is pushed ajar
Step through to the sky
A new god of a world of color
Brought forth from darkness & light
:iconsymphonicd:SymphonicD 1 1
Winding down
Winding down
Weary of everything loading me down,
seems like myriads of problems are
always looking to break my spirit.
all I really want to do for now,
is lay my head down to rest
and let the old worries of
yesterday’s afflictions
slither away so that
the fresh optimism
of a new day can
come and take  
some repose
with me.
:iconsymphonicd:SymphonicD 0 3


  • Listening to: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Soundtrack
  • Reading: Prince of Demons by Mickey Zucker Reichert
  • Watching: Who's Line Is It Anyway? Season 1
  • Playing: Dissidia
  • Eating: gum
  • Drinking: water
I've been in Buffalo for 16 months now, and I love it. I've met so many wonderful people. My commuters, my gamers, my co-opers, and my Brothers and Sisters.

That being said, this Holiday season I've been blessed with so much and the blessings just keep coming. Over Thanksgiving, the last weekend, and this Christmas weekend I have or will be seeing all four of my parents. They've done so much for me to make sure I get every opportunity and more. And of course, they don't ask for anything in return.

Thank you Mom, for being the one I can talk to about practically anything. You're one of my best friends in the world. I don't know what I'd do without our conversations about everything.

Thank you Dad, for being supportive of my decisions and helping me out with all the things a young adult has to do. And for giving me such a great sense of humor.

Thank you Phil, for taking a common sense approach to problems and helping me seek out new ways to handle the ordeals that come my way. You've helped me become a more assertive person.

Thank you Heather, for being able to understand my issues in ways that the other parents might have thought of. Your advice about college life was and is invaluable.

I'm proud to say that my parents have taught me so many ways to be a good person and, some day in the future, a good parent.

Merry Christmas.


United States
Hello and welcome to my deviantART page. You won't see much in the way of drawings and such here as I'm a writer/editor by and large. I'm willing to do writing on request, whether it be a short story, a poem, or a song(only a mild deviation on the poem, eh?) Just expect me to request something back. The same goes for my editorial skills. I am completely willing to help you edit anything that may need to be edited. I will be receiving my Associate Degree in Education with an English Focus fairly soon. I don't plan on pursueing that though. I will (hopefully) be attending bartending school this summer.

As far as my poetry goes, I don't just write it, and its not free flowing verse. I believe the the two most important parts of the poem are the flow and shape of it. I like to use the shape the lines make to draw the lines along, sometimes making people jump ahead, our just kind of closing it up, like in winding it down. As for the flow, when I write my stuff, it tends to just be a jumble of words that hold some meaning. I find words that sound right, that give the right feel. I craft my poems the way a cook on Iron Chef might layer out their dishes in a certai way to evoke certain sensations. Whether or not I'm successful at it is a different story all together.

Current Residence: Sodus, NY
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Large-Extra Large
Favourite genre of music: Rock
MP3 player of choice: Sansa...bu I want an iPod Touch


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